Write to Inspire

When intellectuals lose the plot And their vision is obfuscated The pen loses its potency And the ink diluted with bigotry The words will hold no value Only the weaknesses exposed For intellectuals are visionaries To lay emphasis on the right path Words that inspire future generations Teachings, with a balanced view Pen must uphold the righteousness To relentlessly spell words of wisdom A plot … Continue reading Write to Inspire

Meaning of Silence

Sometimes voices fall silent And words become alien May be your desire to express The compelling feelings Cannot be conveyed through words Sometimes silence can be deafening Urging the heart to reach out And knock on the silent world Or you can try listening cloesly And decipher the essence of silence Walk through the maze To find the hidden feelings They are true and willing … Continue reading Meaning of Silence

Thoughtful Artistry

Carving out life Every day Chiseling away Busy artisans Creating a world Inspired by Beautiful thoughts And emotions Where brinkmanship Rules over Inadvertent sufferers Flailing hopes Deep paranoia It’s a Herculean task To maintain sanity Striving harder To be more creative And enhancing The beauty of Life Artistry and craftsmanship Will uphold The sanctity of life It’s no mean feat To give hope And breathe … Continue reading Thoughtful Artistry

Right Attitude

I suddenly stumbled upon a quote by Winston Churchill, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” The essence of this phrase is quite intriguing. In fact I was wondering, why and how ‘attitude’, which may be positive or negative can impact our lives and our surroundings. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary- Attitude- Noun Meaning – the way you think and feel about … Continue reading Right Attitude