As you Walk

As you walk along Tapping your feet on the ground Can you feel the vibration? Earth awakens to your calling Every step is registered by the universe Tremulous moments map the code The impact gives a clue Depicting the mood of the Self Myriad emotions conveyed, as you walk Every cell in the body is aware The deepest intentions of each step Steps have a … Continue reading As you Walk

The Messages of Life

When the heavens conspire To disseminate subliminal messages Through the realm of unknown intelligence Mostly they dissipate into an abyss of chaos Few minds are conscious of the messages Revealing the mystical chapters of life Chronicled in papyrus and stored in secret libraries Nature holds the key to the unknown corridors Leading down the labyrinth of ancient knowledge Even mountains and caves speak a surreal … Continue reading The Messages of Life

The Enigmatic Journey

When you resonate with the stillness You will realize the various moods of nature The myriad shades of feelings pour out Encrypted messages waiting to be deciphered Ancient prophecies derided by the modern cynics Many paintings and monuments are testimony Of the existence of life that we cannot dream of We are novices, the stillness of nature exudes The richness of life’s deeper existence is … Continue reading The Enigmatic Journey