Poetic Collaboration~ z3ng33kgr7 / zGGy [M] & Amitav

Another poetic collaboration with my talented friend Myra. Hope you all enjoy reading it, as much we feel happy sharing our creative thoughts while writing these poems. Some will glance, some will drink Others steep, more think A few may ponder Might even consider Words are wind Yes, it is true Yet, winds in nature Are messengers too  M Let’s conspire with the wind An … Continue reading Poetic Collaboration~ z3ng33kgr7 / zGGy [M] & Amitav

To the Messenger

One can dream of traveling with the winds They visit from nowhere with fresh messages  The trusted interlocutor Ask about the teacher who sends words of wisdom Seeking nothing in return Only keen ears and open minds to comprehend Truth is never easy to accept Heart may sigh and turn away for a while Never mind, the wind will visit again Universe is compassionate towards the … Continue reading To the Messenger

Ideas Beyond Time

Much to the astonishment of Time Some ideas are birthed and progress rapidly Free from the constraints of being monitored Pure ideas emanate, but their origin a mystery A meditative mind meets its fate along the course Solemn moments choose the worthy messenger Ideas will be communicated for continuity Carrying the cadence of the reverberating truth Where time loses relevance in this dimension Dynamism of … Continue reading Ideas Beyond Time


Be remembered by the beautiful fragrance Emanating from your beautiful feelings A loving heart is a messenger of beauty Anointed in myrrh and surrendered to Divinity The eternal world guides the Spirit Footsteps inspire the Earth to spring blossoming flowers Entire landscape is embraced in contentment Rejuvenating life and delivering the message of Love Blessed with eternity is the soul in this pursuit Trail of fragrant feelings transforms … Continue reading Messenger

A Messenger’s Life

Birthed are the feelings From Nature’s womb Ideas that flew From unattainable spheres Divine gestation nurtured the words Raising the passion for life An indomitable Spirit is born Messenger,  to alleviate problems Fearless ink that flows with vigor Chronicling the emphatic lessons Neath the universe’s grace Feelings will join the mythical rivers For every season, till eternity Abundance of knowledge everywhere To quench thirst of … Continue reading A Messenger’s Life