The Dry Phase

The withdrawing sources, the dead arteries  Lifeless- the stranded winds chatter helplessly Perspiring foreheads wipe off the destiny Life’s sudden bend towards an unknown existence Dissipating energies; wasted in arguments This sudden halt leads to an uncanny future So sure, so bold, so arrogant, so sure of everything Challenging the world, even the existence of life Seeds of rage now devour the vibrancy Smudged colours- … Continue reading The Dry Phase

Distorted Perspectives

How many poorly painted paintings can you display  Against the walls that are fragile and garishly coloured Promises of that utopian falsehood depicted in many ways Surrealism distorted, with every breath taken in haste Colours were wrapped in suspicious packages Enveloped with artificial sentiments and suspicious blends Overzealous promotions to join the league- symbolic fame Perspectives lack depth while crudely annotating  The medium of averages … Continue reading Distorted Perspectives


When the house is a stranger The doors are unwilling to allow a visitor Windows speak of woes; that frosty feeling all over It does not keep away trespassers Foul intentions to peek and invade Ransack like maniacs, the strangers within are aloof Walls shudder and the rooms feel violated Strangers meet strangers, ready for a tussle Emotions have already been plundered Now profanities do … Continue reading Strangers

Poetic Truth

When you have convinced the eyes to read those lies through a magnified perspective Unable to invent any new metaphors; poetry loses its reflective power in the age of improbable truths All the incredible languages offering breathtaking moment often lose the lustrousness Constructed plots from incredulous periods aggrandize the improbable dreams  The spectrum of feeling inspired to appear mellow with tragic hues While searching for … Continue reading Poetic Truth

Verses and Feelings

Poet feels naked after parting ways with intricately woven verses  Relinquished designs along with embellishments of pure feelings A noble gesture by the poet to introduce metaphysical fashion Once draped along the entire being the metaphors are arrayed  Bead stringing the poetic finesse through multiple strands of sentiments Verses colored with the artistic panache, feelings evolve vibrantly Modern poetic renaissance period will continue to inspire poets Poet’s … Continue reading Verses and Feelings

Through a Labyrinth

Walking through the winding alleys of a maze, I walk past similar structures. Houses? No, they do not resemble typical residential buildings. These are structures with an imposing facade. They seem to have been inspired by Brutalism Architecture. A lot of emphasis on the structures and they express bold ideas in concrete. The structures have a minimal number of windows and the gray colors cast a gloomy … Continue reading Through a Labyrinth