Without Introspection

More than the inability to introspect, it is also the misapprehensions and misconceptions surrounding this experience that effectively keeps away an individual from initiating the experience. Yes, it is an experience, a sole journey of myriad experiences guided by the consciousness. There is a strong chance of being delusional at the onset of this journey because so many falsehoods already occupy the crevices of the … Continue reading Without Introspection

When Acquired Prematurely

When one acquires more than required or the time is not conducive to receive those ideas, it becomes a burden. There is a precocious mind contemplating over the prodigious meanings. Yes, they are magnified and becomes more dramatic than they actually are. There is a clandestine deal to acquire them! A sense of mistrust prevails around a life which is so cryptic, it is difficult … Continue reading When Acquired Prematurely

Think of the Mind

How liberated the mind is, the thought never really arrives in a busy life Here, there, elsewhere; so many voices call, cajole, and contravene  As if anchored to the demands of the world that pushes the body all along Some mysterious meanderings coerce the mind to plan accordingly All against the free background, the contrasting pictures of this life emerges Languorous time confiscates freedom; as … Continue reading Think of the Mind


Curved thoughts strain the mind  Finding it difficult while negotiating a bend Unassailable spaces are confronted The absolute seems a distant reality Gesturing the heart to accompany at this hour Until the ambivalence is resolved Life’s dreams are under an obscure veil Earnestly waiting for that sunlight Till they awaken and puncture the bubble Wiping away the agony of dichotomy Finding the courage to straighten everything ~Amitav Continue reading Unbend

The Illustrations

The illustrations in the book were distorted Heavy graphite smudges reflected the darkness A mind that was not illumined with life Lines demarcated the field of comprehension Barren landscape where nature did not tread Stern looking faces demoralised the reader The pages felt heavy with prejudices An intellect without the nourishment of the Universe Deceptive narratives accompanied the illustrations Every character coerced to deliver verbal … Continue reading The Illustrations

A Mind and its Fate

When the mind leaps out of the head Following the alluring alleys of life Ecstatic, in a state of stupor, feels freedom A pseudo-world created with realities Grand designs, with glamorous appearance A perfect stage, to enact as scripted  Holding the hands of temptations, a surrender To the unknown plan to reach a cul-de-sac Till then the mind can run amok Leaving the inner world … Continue reading A Mind and its Fate

Let the Mind Wander

Let the mind wander freely It will thank you for the freedom Across wildernesses, to conjure ideas Imaginations can fly to fancy places Not a dull moment  While seeking new adventures A caged mind is prone to melancholy Betraying emotions can cause upheaval Mind seeks pleasure Roaming the firmament at will Exchanging furtive glances with birds Freedom of the mind makes seasons colorful Even winters … Continue reading Let the Mind Wander

Thoughtless Mind and Eternity

The thoughtless mind rests, to dream in solitude On the lap of eternity, there is divine comfort Soft covers of infinitude keep the soul warm Motionless, but the eternal world revolves around Glimpses of splendor in other-worldly Nature Divine oceans undulating with majestic waves Luminous world bathed in pristine Love An embrace so welcoming and promised with care A thoughtless mind experiences multitudes Everlasting bliss, … Continue reading Thoughtless Mind and Eternity