When I see my own words in the mirror Never have those reversed alphabets posed a threat Meaning and cadence of the verses remain same Mirror images are deciphered from the heart The sentiments flowed towards reflective surface Preserving sacred wavelengths of a yearning soul Others scattering through the realms of surrealism To speak with winds and forces of cosmic nature A mirror and beyond, … Continue reading Mirror

New Images

Hands and feet carelessly tap with the heart’s rhythm Maybe the feelings generate enough attention among the nerves Brilliant sparks introduce life to a parallel and perceptive truth Wrinkles of sarcasm ease after healing with new awakening Tremors and jolts are cushioned by soft padding of consciousness Sharp turns direct the journey through new avenues Melancholic languages wither away as blooms new hope Soul engages … Continue reading New Images


Mind climbs over the challenges of hectic errands Mischievously sets eyes on the horizon for a signal As day ripens slowly with so many sentiments A glistening vision escapes through eternity tunnel Afterthoughts carefully kept at the forgotten corners From far away arises hope that brings news of life Swiftly the mind shifts places to experience freedom Desires flame the journey mysteriously across horizon ~Amitav Continue reading Vigilant

Some Reflections

Reflections from shallow water expose the rocky underbelly Sometimes clear or murky, the flimsy tales dissipate with frail undulations It is difficult to engage with superficial thoughts and ambitions Repetitive reflexes evolve into actions which are unnecessary; depleted energy Crucible of memories plead fervently to gather some memorable moments Some cracks and vulnerabilities drain such feelings into deep abysses Mind is lured into a path … Continue reading Some Reflections

Walking Alone

Walking along the fine edges require ultimate patience Reasoning with those uncertain waves of change alters life There can be no reliance on existing perceptions and ideologies Only presence of mind and soul’s eagerness to disseminate language Unique, coming from the precious relationship with self Those times are solitary and reverberate expansively with profoundness There are no interpreters or other psychological barriers Freedom of thoughts … Continue reading Walking Alone

Accepting Mindfulness

If you are forcing your conscious mind to contemplate too much about being ‘Mindful’, then most probably you are fascinated or distracted by the ideas that emanate from such discourses and distracted by various ideologies that have been propounded. Simply ‘Being’ and being aware of the self and looking at life with an introspective mind will simplify the journey. Mostly, individuals are trying to complicate … Continue reading Accepting Mindfulness

The Air

The air has become spiteful Impregnated with unfriendly thoughts Tries to snoop around and overhear conversations The widest to narrowest streets appear congested Pulmonary hypertension!  Who feeds the air with sinister intent? As if stereotypes and lack of empathy was not enough Dizzy spells blur consciousness Lack of oxygen numbs the brain Clash of jargons and unscientific theories Catastrophic policies brainchild of pseudo intellectuals Tender moments … Continue reading The Air

Mind Matters

You are never secure in an insular world. The mind becomes a failure while creating indelible boundary lines with various stereotypes. Communication of the most inferior quality is borne out of fear to expand consciousness and accept the positive changes that are taking place in the Universe. The false perception of freedom and superiority complex is an amplification of insecurities and the inability to engage. … Continue reading Mind Matters

The Walk

Slow down the pace to tread consciously Learn to complement the true rhythm of this world Stay away from the misnomers No one should transgress to deprive the soul of tranquility Overzealous ambitions make life fragile Contentment becomes an alien word Expunged from memory and the entire existence  Hollow sentiments echo the discontented experiences An unrestrained mind cannot welcome positive discourses Impair the real essence of communication … Continue reading The Walk