Being Mislead

The mind develops a swagger Thinks about the jokes it can unleash Out on the streets of consciousness There will be spectators Lots of clapping and enthusiasm too Obstinate breath stifles the air A serenity street becomes a market Those in uniforms keep a watch Others look mismatched as their thoughts Too much of delusional confidence Everyone lured to this attendance Loose talk and curses … Continue reading Being Mislead

Towards Unsure Future

All the moderations could not balance nature well Lengthy discussions, abrupt decisions, pushed it towards a bias Inclination towards the other side of a mindless pursuit Thought to be careful leanings or unseen coercion  Perceived to be a rebellion, but it is a subliminal decision of panic Inhabitants tear away the dwellings who seek freedom There is no chance to return to that place to … Continue reading Towards Unsure Future


Nature’s dangerous, but its beauty is delicate How well the mind comprehends the eloquence and embraces Depends on the magnanimity of a heart Even, one who reaches further to seek affiliation with its soul But we fear more and annihilate in a preemptive manner Every charming nature has that unseen ferocity to defend itself We may be invoking its wrath with less than dignified vilification … Continue reading Dangerous


Everyone trying to emphasize something or the other Arguing over, neither this is right not that Compartmentalized knowledge and some traditional views We accept that change is inevitable, yet hold on to the same There is dichotomy, a choice between practicality and banality Sometimes overruling traditions to override digressions Then the liberal mind takes over and leads to self-destruction Liberated- a meaning being twisted with multitude of … Continue reading Emphasis