Night and the Dreams

Awake, my soul, morning has arrived Night have parted ways for now Bidding adieu to the storytelling time Dream within a dream, a labyrinth of thoughts I am the omnipresent one, trying to decipher Like beads trying to put them in a string Each dream of different meaning  Shaped with lucid imagination of subliminal mind Unable to sequence every moment of the dreams This self … Continue reading Night and the Dreams


Thoughts travel through The walls of limitations Knowledge of the unknown Waiting to be deciphered Appearances in subtle avatars Consciousness and the will to see Not an everyday sequence of events Interplay of darkness and light A mesmerizing world is at display Perception goes beyond A sensitive soul feels the quivers Here everything comes to a halt From here starts a new beginning Journey where … Continue reading Percipience

Opinions & Aspirations

The whole world is heralded to the future, based on mankind’s dreams and aspirations. You dream to build a foundation on which to construct the present and create a safe abode for the future. You have the ability to think and nurture a multitude of ideas. Your mind is a super-highway where ideas, information, and thoughts are always crossing each other or running at a … Continue reading Opinions & Aspirations

Mind your Thoughts

The thoughts, when you are alone, determines your personality. The thoughts that occupy your mind and your contemplations about the actions reflects your intentions. A healthy dichotomy is acceptable because you are probably trying to figure out the contrasting factors between two opposite thoughts. You have to remember that thoughts do not become opposing or alarming and take you away to the path of mental … Continue reading Mind your Thoughts