Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

Thoughts are the building block of society. ~ Amitav There has always been a callous attitude towards philosophical discourse and critical analysis of life. Due to ambivalence towards such knowledge they have always been either looked at with disdain or overlooked with a passive aggressive behaviour. Philosophical discussions are considered mundane while weak residual knowledge is encouraged. Highlighting the weaknesses and challenging prejudices has always … Continue reading Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

Of Thoughts

Paranoia makes the mind an inhospitable place. Even when positive thoughts would like to arrive, they are treated with contempt and ultimately shoved aside to the deepest and darkest corner of the mind. Creating a puzzle with pieces of negativity allows the mind to try various combinations and avenues to engage in a dialogue; where, a position of disadvantage, is reflected with passionate urgency; sometimes, … Continue reading Of Thoughts


Differences can cause havoc when the individual loses all sense of integrity. When there is no communication with the mind and heart, a life can go astray. It is significantly noticed that narratives of ‘differences’ are deceptively played out and paced at intervals of life when the mind is most likely to absorb them entirely. Passive minds favor platitudes and almost always give into the ploy … Continue reading Differences

World and Lifestyle

The world which endorses ideologies like ‘cut-throat’ competition, ‘market your skills’, and ‘brand yourself’ so that you can be a ‘go-getter’; all of the mentioned jargons (which have negative connotations) are being taught for a survival in an increasingly corporate world which promotes such aggressive thinking. It is only natural that role-models have shifted from people of intellect towards people of wealth. They are being hailed … Continue reading World and Lifestyle