Cannot Be

Cannot reduce the glowing sun Hold it in greedy hands Stare at it with lusty eyes Glower at the bright morning Whilst feeling gloomy within Alas! Feel helpless? Become aware of human frailty Glory and gratitude is truth Insignificant facade across the earth Cannot obliterate the truth Embrace eternity? The mirage of lies will vanish Myriad desires like shifting sands Erase all the untruths ~Amitav Continue reading Cannot Be


One wishes to keep an all-night vigil to seek the true spirits of mysterious world Away from the distractions of an inconsistent day, the solitude is an escape The open environs are tempting and heart becomes desirous of friendly feelings Fiendish eyes are put to sleep before the celestial eyes look out lonely hearts Pacify the worries before chanting the prayer of universe’s conscious soul … Continue reading Vigil

As Destiny Unfolds

Vehemently we have misinterpreted desire Delved into our ignorance to create caricatures Such divine energy dissipates in superficial pursuits Ignorance paints a reality for us to live with Elysian truth abandons the distracted souls Entire reflection of love and desire is a mirage Weakening souls cannot preserve the sanctity Flames of passion become an uncontrollable inferno Leaving paradise barren with singed hopes Other elements of nature watch, … Continue reading As Destiny Unfolds