Evil Reflections

Who could have imagined that monsters lurk inside a mirror Which way to face, when one has to face the deep-rooted malady Perhaps, time slows down too and allows the conversations to last Inimical forces hypnotize through the wildly gazing eyes- fatal curiosity Once in a while, everyone is suspicious of the evil that is around There is an innermost fear that is nourished by … Continue reading Evil Reflections

Horrors of a Mirror

The mirror has a mind of its own and the freedom to hold or reveal  Different lights, perspectives reflected in a different light- either light up the eyes or brings shadows of anxiety Gilded or barren contours, the unseen vulnerabilities test the abilities  Of facing them or turning away abruptly from the unrepentant revelations  Suddenly, all the images feel naked; the flimsy covers of unconvincing … Continue reading Horrors of a Mirror

Struggles With the Mirror

The strong desire to influence the mirror To compose a fable with manipulated reflections The soul wouldn’t deign to speak with the contradictions Turning away from the mirror in anguished state Who would be gullible enough to be arrested by them? Reflections and perceptions aren’t of similar nature Find anything from the endless gossips? Stepping into the mirror and walking away further Trying to blend … Continue reading Struggles With the Mirror

These Reflections

Frail reflections linger for too long to influence the dilemma Weary thoughts wish to survive the pale moments  Little by little it edges past the probing questions and their sharpness Looking for that elusive shade not hued in dubious colours Keep looking for the virtuous mirror to reflect on lost opportunities More defined contours and clarity of reflections  Wishing for them to speak patiently and … Continue reading These Reflections

Secret of an Image

While standing in front of a mirror Looking at the image reflecting a part of me Which one is real? One who faces me or the physical self that I can feel Duality and dilemma, a distance unfathomed Is it curious just like me? Maybe communicating wavelengths have some answer In meditative silence the reflective facade intrigues Contradictions are duplicated Captures stillness and imitates the … Continue reading Secret of an Image


When I see my own words in the mirror Never have those reversed alphabets posed a threat Meaning and cadence of the verses remain same Mirror images are deciphered from the heart The sentiments flowed towards reflective surface Preserving sacred wavelengths of a yearning soul Others scattering through the realms of surrealism To speak with winds and forces of cosmic nature A mirror and beyond, … Continue reading Mirror

Facing a Mirror

Face expresses so many feelings Changes every time to capture subtle moments A drop of feeling creates ripples Carrying the sentiments of the heart So many emotions do not have words Their presence felt in the eyes Sometimes, takes courage to face a reflection Face to face with an unknown feeling The heart yearns to convey with actions Mute moments turn out to be profound Experiencing … Continue reading Facing a Mirror

In the Mirror

Deep into the night A mirror imitates the darkness Blending with the surrounding Mischievous glint off the edges Light of the stars draw the silhouette Enigmatic frame dissolves your image Night urges the Self to seek within A light that the soul has kindled Glow of the inner world helps you see Mirroring the inner beauty with eloquence Night reveals the true beauty of existence© Continue reading In the Mirror