Misdeeds stare like unhealed wounds There isn’t a cure yet, the heart is unwilling to seek Nothing can stop the curve from turning away from light Night foams menacingly; it’s a sinister sign Forfeited all that was offered Trepid breath speaks to the darkness  Soon, the light will fizzle, and the paths blurry Faint reflections too will turn away in hatred Those responsible for muddling … Continue reading Unhealed

Communication or Miscommunication

I find this to be a very inane question, “Do you write?” When I say yes, they have this to say,  “So, you are a wannabe writer.” To this question, I have a simple answer, “Yes, I write and I express myself through writings. I suffer from a ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome, so I choose the safer option of being more perceptive and judicious about … Continue reading Communication or Miscommunication