I am busy with the characteristics of being extremely laid back during a busy time Over-embellished designs to keep time, faltering at the original concepts of existentialism Just being there, peeking above the haze, even down there, the earth does not divulge much An ornate interface that displays reality, errs, the overemphasized concepts defy the truth Staring at a screen full of disinformation tickles the … Continue reading Atrophy

Courageous Misdirection

The courageous conformity, voluminous misconceptions run after them, like a lasso trying to control the game Either everyone adheres or coerced into a twist where thoughts take a convoluted shape The audacious performances of fake seriousness, with a sophisticated script dramatically unfolded A misdirection, a vehement push to control the psyche; each and everyone through trained institutions Depreciated thoughts, usually they facilitate the mediocrity to … Continue reading Courageous Misdirection

In Emptiness

In the emptiness Life echoes uncanny feelings Like a sleep-walker Guided by unknown hands Gestures the soul to follow The vision is hazy Among the veils of mist Life fades in colors Reflects shades of grey Every step tramples   The original destiny Didactic lesson of life Sleep-walker educates Always slumberous moments Hallucinations tickle the mind Following is easy When eyes are closed And mind retires … Continue reading In Emptiness