At Odds with Reality

Defanged knowledge, a long-drawn struggle with an unsustainable reality The birth of a century, commotion, the acquired abilities to destabilize wisdom Bitter experimentations with synthetic ideas, the shenanigans; everything was a trade off Pure dreams and desires weaned away, sometimes snatched from the cradles Trespassing minds, the sacred souls, stale unsustainable ideas thrust upon them Creating obedient followers who can abandon sanity and frantically take … Continue reading At Odds with Reality


The night and darkness are in an eternal passionate embrace Misfortune! Such a beautiful relation has been tarnished by evil minds Tranquillity and the pervasive tender moments threatened by aggressors When the world morally accepts the vandalization disguised as competition Unfortunate! Distorted reflections are deflected towards impressionable minds Carrying a misfortune is not enough but spreading the cause inspires Poisonous roots run deep to weave an … Continue reading Misinterpretations