Misreading the intricate designs of night Gnaw away the ability to visualise those vibrant designs Night after night of retrogression Dreams coil away; after waiting too long for the moment of awakening Life escapes through lapses of concentration Easy passes are traps designed to entangle a journey Night stares at the dreamless eyes The distances are too much to mend Sighs churn within to echo louder … Continue reading Misreading


The hands cannot reach for dreams Only a reality in a world of nothingness Delayed response to universe’s inquiries When descendants challenge the antiquated Failing to recognise the possibilities Believing in alternative reflections; a missed chance Of realising the true image of the design Love is blamed unnecessarily Fault is in the circumstances of parallel conception Hands are at the mercy of knowledge From the … Continue reading Conceptions

Distorted Reflections

Misinterpreted reflections smudge the landscape of existence Blemishes of incoherence drag the simple lines along unsettled roads Sewn into a twisted tale of convoluted words between parallel tracks Languages burn the truth while minds are busy contemplating deviously Eyes squint from the excessive glare of lies spreading to untouched territories Lunatics desire the inferno that can sustain those burning desires of power Bones resemble dry … Continue reading Distorted Reflections


An identity cannot be identical Search precisely in the myriad reflections Duality has a pattern; replicated, but infinite interpretations Balanced with cosmic consciousness Superficially disturbed by vague representations Deliberate ambivalence is an escape route Proves to be a grind as mind nurtures aberrant thoughts Evil flashes across the iris reflects murky intentions Deceptions expose asymmetric behaviour Obscuring the authentic code  Triggering the evolution of irregular patterns© Continue reading Identity

Denials and More

Naive it is to believe the fleeting presence Hurt the soul with unnecessary rebelliousness Without a cause and any direction to move ahead Stuck within the confines of relentless social mores Defeatist causes and dysfunctional communications World has come to a passé due to misinterpretations The ways of the life and the basic tenets are disregarded Institutionalizations of thoughts have coerced the mind Confined the … Continue reading Denials and More