Difficult Space

Unapologetic objects jostle for space They have been established to vie for glory All-weather skin- nothing penetrates Especially the critical thoughts and woes Of human emotions and subtle dreams Once they hit the walls, they are turned away Dwelling in them, decorating the corners Is a suffocating experience- but that’s a reality Perrenial storms of ego and angst Among vitriol and fight for existence There … Continue reading Difficult Space

Uneven Circumference

The uneven circumference of a roughly carved crucible What it holds is not much of a concern It barely balances itself; more spills over, creating a disorder Of spilt chances, thoughts, feelings, and love The small craters around the body hold some evidence Collected dust, mistrust, life’s contrast and pastiches Fingerprints coalesced to form some surreal patterns Relationships of convenience, rather than a choice Now, … Continue reading Uneven Circumference

Unfeeling towards Nature

Slackened posture; the being does not have the patience of nature Lazy contemplations on the struggle to communicate- missing metaphors Gaping misunderstanding- life does not have the dearest of feelings Every day it is weariness, mistrust, and mysterious ill-feelings  Wasted days and nights; even the stars appear bland to the jaundiced eyes Percolated feelings diluted with negativity, and that is an unworthy potion ~Amitav Continue reading Unfeeling towards Nature

Unfolding Turmoil

Unfolding from the didactic discourses Dialectical and delusional approaches with stern eyes What’s birthed is beyond the imagination of life Souls nurtured with acrimony; the decimation of senses Chances of survival under the forensic eyes are slim Shouting tyrants can become the greatest joke Ears have been used to the dirtiest language possible To dehumanise; thus, delineates the purpose  Mightiest minions inflated with volatile sentiments … Continue reading Unfolding Turmoil


How long can the conspiracies survive, if not being nourished by malefic morsels Straining the resources while weaning them off from the hungry mouths Alienating them and segregating with intentions vile Every day, spurious thoughts collect in the once purist crucible Hankering for few pieces of the spoils, even if one has to fuel the conspiracies Just to be close enough to the books and … Continue reading Enough


There is fear of solitude and peace Stealthily walking away from a soul’s reprimand Holding on to fleeting hours and stretching it thin Trying to salvage some pride under flimsy layers of time Enjoying the moments of vociferous bliss Engage somehow, there is an escape route sought Trust is an abuse, for it can be craftily altered To a more suitable exciting definition of debauchery Narrations … Continue reading Apprehensions


Admiration has blurred for the beholder Infighting has created a vicious environment True intentions lay bare, weakened the promise Instead of regret, only lingers strong indifference Constant lies transformed into lethal rapier Here, wounds are deep and bleed silently The meaning of trust obliterated by apathy Animosity vitiated the blood and weakened life Secrets crawl like termites to destroy foundations Waiting for humane feelings to stabilize existence Hopefully, become … Continue reading Precarious