Challenged and Channelled

Fascinated by the toxic air, breathe in satisfyingly The suffering within, the entire world within will be clouded Entrapping a pernicious fate with distorted time Everyone feels confident about the misadventures…  feels triumphant A satanic evocation, rituals of a tormenting kind Inventions that have contaminated throughout uprisings Few are there to contradict, stand up for the truth, the banal progression Exhausting minds, altering reality and … Continue reading Challenged and Channelled

Through the Window

He was fidgeting with the windows. Although it was morning, he wasn’t sure of welcoming the light. The room was pulsating with uncertain vibes. It was probably because of the kind of dreams he has been experiencing lately. Serene darkness did not make its way towards a simple path but deviated and crowded him with worrying dreams. The paroxysms were becoming intense; it was quite … Continue reading Through the Window


That feeling of being everywhere, but with a feeble relationship with the places There are conversations everywhere; none that can attract the soul to participate freely  Measured breath is exhausting for the traveller and sighs cloud the words like a veil Designs of yesteryear crowded with plans to create invisible chasms throughout As if the city arches back from the heavy embellishments thrust upon undesirably Stifled … Continue reading Design

Too Soon

A fresh day ripens too soon Just the mornings set the tone An unnatural chemistry Listen carefully, To the confessions Forgotten names Deliberate numbers Calculate the worthiness Automobile noises Screaming billboards That’s called articulation! So innovative, The designs and creativity To paint the town Frantic movements Crisscrossing the streets Look at the pattern Titles are frivolous Among coerced narratives Voice of masses Trying to speak … Continue reading Too Soon

Unfortunate Saga

Defacing the masterpiece With our arrogance and stupidity Modern dreams To disfigure the landscapes Claim to fame Through slandering avenues Epoch of rapid degradation Education, a farce We are inking our destruction Indelible blotches on the canvas We claim innocence In the guise of repeating mistakes Dalliance with ignorance A regular affair of gratification Echoes the incredulous behavior Laziness and gluttony The virtues, driving modernity … Continue reading Unfortunate Saga