Another Day

Everything comes to a grinding halt A systematic pattern that runs it all Fall, through the laboured corridors Complicated intersections of society Different roles with matching thoughts Given an identity to live up to them Mornings greet with new tricks Sets the pace of a day, still unnamed Hoping, that today will be different Not of inconvenienced profits and rush The mirror poses a grave … Continue reading Another Day

On the Verge of Collapse

Just like old buildings, the thoughts develop cracks; it’s too early to call them dilapidated The foundations are still strong, but there’s pressure from the grouchy crowds to knock them down New fondness for the glistening ideas; although they seem to be flimsy, it enamours the fickle minds Clash of the old and new, but here it is more of a clumsy jostle for space … Continue reading On the Verge of Collapse


Rays irritated by sudden disruptions, plenty of unwanted labyrinths Running stealthily across unwanted structures with overpowering ego Fallen dreams are no more cradled and nurtured to provide succour Greedily absorbed or deflected off the heavily embellished facades Arrows crafted by arrogant craftsmen impair vision of life Hollow dreams have been provided with iron structures always stifle Every breath echoes with a lifeless sigh through the … Continue reading Rays

Deliberately Unheard

Tranquil morning is rattled by the cranky vehicles Obstinately cutting across lanes to speed up life Bell tolls in the distance resonate with lonely requiem Mornings wake up hurriedly like a disturbed child Excessive clatter of modernity wrecks early hours Stern look of tall buildings exasperate the scene Preoccupied hearts lose the luxury to feel at ease Words replace casual gestures to rush conversations Satin … Continue reading Deliberately Unheard

Modern Significance

The striking firmness of streets cuts across menacingly Designed to scamper through the fate of life and join the mainstream chaos Blocks arise from the depths of unknown foundations, creating an identity Sometimes named, otherwise given a special numerical and alphabetical symbols Streets are built to suffer from the daily trampling by numerous feet and automobiles Life that is also planned according to the level … Continue reading Modern Significance


Cities are transforming into islands Creating unique identities and micro cultures Drifting away and trying to form archipelagos But, that emotional essence of original culture flows silently Manicured landscapes and modern designs paved way for life Everything executed clinically after improvising grotesquely  Most of the structures and sentiments are incongruous with life Those little gaps between islands look like mere slits from aerial view Yet, on closer look, … Continue reading Adrift

The Elevator

When you have replaced the steps with an elevator Creating a vertical freeway through concrete designs Elevator algorithms ensure smooth passage to modern spaces Modern efficiency to enable speedy passage to success Apartments in skyscrapers standing in steely attention  Plush interiors and designed interiors look inviting and boring Carpeted floorings do absorb the sentiments of distressed footsteps Rushing through every square-foot of designer labyrinths The … Continue reading The Elevator


Prevalent predicament indicates that humanity being busy is not yielding any positive outcome. We are embracing the idea of busyness because we have been taught or indoctrinated to lead such a life. Otherwise, we risk being called a lazy bumpkin who does not believe in the useless comparisons and has a subtle and easy approach towards life. Anything that is simple and easy raises many eyebrows … Continue reading Busy

Stifling Days

The days have been too harsh An unspoken uneasiness in the air Darkness fails to soothe the bad temper Unholy nexus of polluted air Traps the sweltering heat for too long Modern cities look dreary due to faulty designs Dreams wish to reach the skies Although, dwelling in the concrete confines Finding life’s short-cuts to elevated status To fulfill lofty desires with the push of … Continue reading Stifling Days