The Silent Night

The forlorn sky, pale sighs, and night of uncomfortable silence Neath the shed a solitary soul rues the missing stars; a bitter feeling Without disturbing the Earth’s slumber, a dreamer embraces coldness Sky summons the wintry feelings and the dull moon’s melancholy echoes Frail winds barely shake the sleeping souls, but this one soul is awake Waiting for the sweet lullaby before the earth wakes … Continue reading The Silent Night


Gazing at the ocean makes me feel small, even a little envious of the vastness Only listening to sounds is enough to make the sunset more mystical than I can imagine Waves are coy, luckily, the feet can feel the playfulness of the ocean’s soul How many worlds are contained in its unfathomable depths? The colossal upheavals may be due to the clash between such … Continue reading Gazing

The Jar

All the dreams that rest in a fragile jar Difficulty reaching through the constricted neck Soft night light adds a lustrous mystery Misery reflects in such aggrandized manner Natal thoughts remain in view, yet, unobtainable It could shatter any moment Releasing the dreams that have been captive Only delicate wings are enough For taking them to their destination But the fragile jar lay there in … Continue reading The Jar

Relinquishing an Identity

The journey from desires to dust Waking up every day with the nudge of first morning rays Pondering over the genesis of this consciousness  With every deep-breath trying to identify the scent of this universe What is so intoxicating about the night? One needs to retire from the journey for a brief moment Awaken to the day while the desires still rearrange themselves Secret confabulations … Continue reading Relinquishing an Identity

Of Sleep

Sleep folded neatly by the unseen hands of dreams Wintry and reluctant heart feels the cold cryptic night This ethereal moment seen with earthly eyes and dilemma Rest contradicts restlessness for sleep feels a celestial sorcery Slumberous eyes conceive a narrative from tenebrous allure Sweetness of night is like celestial nectar Comfort folds of sleep is willing to cradle the unquiet heart ~Amitav Continue reading Of Sleep

Nothing Endures

Attempting to visit obscure time Rewinding the thoughts in a convoluted design It’s a feeling inspired from eternity Going back may divulge the missed moments Undesirable then and lack of inclination To comprehend or paucity of intellect When that moment is lost  Now won’t be relevant to the past Knotted in time and displayed in universe None can breathe life in retrospect Chastising now is … Continue reading Nothing Endures