Awakened winter and its sharp breath  Unknown whispers discuss meagre inspirations Search for that light through degrees of silence Some sentiments are eager to heal Hoping for resurgence from this numbness Feeble breath infused with astuteness Daring to strip off the excesses Hoping for those imperishable dreams Gasping in moments of anticipation Trembling reverie of unusual thoughts The abysses are frozen forever Moments will be … Continue reading Reverie

Unfamiliar Day

The day’s wrapped up in unfamiliar thoughts There’s not enough freedom to manoeuvre and seek the scattered feelings Some strange whispers from the dark foliage; echoes of unheard voices Little inclination to branch out and reach for this moment Lunar mood still prevails across the slumberous day The little spark within fails to brighten the unlit contours Wishing for a powerful charm of the universe … Continue reading Unfamiliar Day

A Morning

A tremulous morning taps on the window Leaning against the wall to ruminate about melancholic mood Foggy breath obscure the plans; dreams of night dissolve in nothingness Feelings stay motionless behind a latched door An attempt to write those messages on the windowpane- evoking eidetic images Cold feet eager to cross the threshold of unnecessary perception Gripped by uncanny moments A morning reminisces and the … Continue reading A Morning


Few agonizing moments from the persistent stings are not hindrances enough A frank heart wish to taste the pure nectar from an enticing stream of life Reflections dazzle the eyes with beautiful dreams illuminated in honeyed hues This silence is the pathway toward an exhilarating journey through eternal realms Transient moments of pain heal from affectionate touch of life’s passionate soul Creation echoes mantra of … Continue reading Moments

Night Transfigured

Dream of the darkness, gentle but deceptively conspiring with the stars Playful banter or serious reflection on the transient cosmic manifestation Astonished eyes seek to understand the dreams that are wide awake now Distant flames reproduce from magical transformation and eternal mantra Languorous moment it seems to the busy world, but the heart is in ecstasy Rumored laziness is a facade, before universe’s fantasy vision … Continue reading Night Transfigured

Unusual Slumber

Curled up, the inexplicable curvature for the world to fathom Maybe praying in solitude and trying to embrace the indecipherable silence No scruples turning away from the moments that wish to hasten Libellers cry hoarse, ‘the insignificant lethargic one sits there idle’ Is it amoral to remain silent amidst the accusations? Or, allow the silence around to absorb the cacophony into oblivion Laziness is ridiculed, … Continue reading Unusual Slumber

The Whispers

If it were not for the intimate whispers Those feelings would not have made any impressions Intricate embrace of the vibrant heart Ears sentimentally lean towards the appealing voice It goes beyond the transient feelings Carefully bridging the abyss created by misinterpretations Time surrenders to eternity Souls pulled away from the brink of frivolous chastisement Whisper encompasses life as a talisman Echoing the most passionate … Continue reading The Whispers

Certain Realisations

Oh! Now you fiddle with the moments that you let go A realisation takes shape within; uncomforting and ghostly shadows That threatens to swallow the feeble reasoning Wipe off the beads of sweat, flick them with nonchalance Feel the wetness of troubles that seems too daunting at present Fingers rubbing against each other, trying to wipe off the nervousness Walking back towards the memories can … Continue reading Certain Realisations