Let’s Go Back

Now the days are slower, you often drift towards a comfortable past Discuss it often, with overlapping memories, and repetitions It feels good not to hear about the present for sometime Travelling leisurely, without taking permission from the daily routine Skipping the time table and ignoring the calendar blocks For once, not reprimanded for being late, because there is nowhere to go Life paused for … Continue reading Let’s Go Back


None wants to apologise for the malapropisms  Palpable nervousness evident from contorted expressions Mainstream sentiments have stopped flowing freely Inner churnings are visible from the incessant bubbles on surface The reflections on their slippery surface with rainbow colours Short-lived euphoria when they pop and release the tension It all begins with misplaced feelings and twisted communications© Continue reading Malapropism

Uneventful Surprises

The concrete structures and colours synthetic Decided to protect the conceitedness  Foundations that went few feet down are vulnerable Aiming to rise above, draped in an aura of insolence There is shrinking space to propose free thoughts Consistently losing ground, that’s the fate Monotonous persistence drills through every pore Contrary ideas permeate this existence Unseen enemies look for an opportunity  Evil can soon be the master … Continue reading Uneventful Surprises