Time is not Right

There is a predicament- when I think and take too long to speak, the essential time says, “goodbye” When I hurriedly pick up those bits and pieces of opinions and create a hasty narrative, it stays Even it is for a while, the ears are comfortable listening to something familiar Feeding the communications with deficient logic has been the mainstay for a while How they … Continue reading Time is not Right

Etched in Melancholy

A morning etched in hues of smudged melancholic graphite Still! The stillness is quite unusual for a day about to begin its journey A stultifying feeling grips the wind, quite restricted and sombre is the mood When newness absorbs the sorrowful feel and oozes the uneasiness Drips the sky like the watercolour on the canvas painted by a careless painter Uneasy whispers come from the … Continue reading Etched in Melancholy

Nature’s Narrative

Modest mind is attentive to the moods of nature There are no superfluous thoughts to interrupt the dialogue Comprehends the origin and reasons the changes Soft light and sombre nature narrates a melancholic tale Encore of the events of yore urgently spoken in unsettled spirit Profound secrets embedded in every particle   The mind is pulled towards the edge of persistent reality One has to … Continue reading Nature’s Narrative