During its Absence

Not all evenings you get a glimpse of the moon It may be disappointing, but somewhere in the heart you feel assured Of its presence; probably, feels diminished by the gloominess Those gloomy eyes may have been pleading too much The changing tempers of the moon can be traced back to the cosmic feelings Seasons of the universe casts lesser light on this world Today, … Continue reading During its Absence

The Celestial Crucible

My eyes were searching the skies Soaking in the tranquility of night Today, the moon resembles an ivory crucible Exquisitely crafted by the night craftsman Chiselled with the Divine tools with perfection The open window did welcome the dreamy glow Precious artifact from the divine world Graced the night sky with eloquence It urged me to fill the crucible with my dreams Tonight, I shall … Continue reading The Celestial Crucible

When the Moon Descends

When the Moon descends in those eyes Captivating replica, that shines brighter Embellished with astonishing sparkles Moon feels adorned with purity of love Those eyes can make the Moon blush Nimble feet dances like graceful air Stars join the soirée to decorate paradise Flowing mane gleams with ecstatic ripples Wilderness is brightened by elegant soul Night comes alive to transform the fate O’ generous Moon, … Continue reading When the Moon Descends

Ethereal Beauty

The stillness is soul stirring A floating Moon dissolves slowly The halo disperses with the ripples Hushed ambiance narrates a story Senses are captivated with anticipation A feeling of euphoria in a tranced mind The body draped in an aureate robe Experiencing the creation in pure form Soul enraptured by the nightly tune Drink the divine potion from nature’s crucible Swoon over the ethereal beauty … Continue reading Ethereal Beauty

Magic Moon

The moon reflects our dreams Mellowing the bright light for comfort Helping the soul to dream and desire Slowly endearing itself to the beholder Like the crystal sphere displays our dreams A soul that blends into the silver beauty Our dreams revolve around the orb Under the tranquil covers dreams glisten Melting moon drops make ripples in the soul A journey across the silver river … Continue reading Magic Moon