Through Rejections

Writers do not relish rejections. That is supposedly the sentiment one has when volumes of work lay there in front of your eyes waiting to be placed somewhere. Placed somewhere? Absolutely not, that cannot be an appropriate approach to the hours you have spent, while preventing anyone from stepping into your world of words. A reclusive figure becomes almost a disgusting character. Society does not … Continue reading Through Rejections


Most audacious creativity is only possible when there is no fear of criticism and the courage to shatter the restrictions imposed by perceptions and prejudices. Contributing to Art is not an easy journey. The entire journey is a solitary one, where the creator has to battle social dogmas. Appeasing the handful with a cluster of flattery is not creativity. There will be many instances when … Continue reading Audacious

Reasons for Narratives

Blushed narratives are conspicuous during the darkest hour They emerge from tyranny to surmise the situations that thrive They hardly get a chance to look at the sky and dream of stars Eclipsed by the lies, they remain ostracised in layers of untruth Their innocence is intact even they are being persecuted for long Hoping for the clouds to scatter away to reveal that Divine … Continue reading Reasons for Narratives

TEDx Video: Thriving Under Pressure

Originally posted on Thriving Under Pressure:
Good news to share! I have been working on a TEDx project with the University of Windsor TEDx team since December. And just an hour ago, I received the good news that the finished video was uploaded to the official TEDx site today! So exciting! If you like, please share this TEDx video with friends and family on social media.… Continue reading TEDx Video: Thriving Under Pressure

Relevance of Writing and Creativity

The growth of social media may not be the ideal reform for your narrative you have in mind. Maybe, your thoughts are restrained, and you believe in a more prevalent narrative to connect with the string of ideas that are being planned with an algorithmic command. Most prevailing perception of being connected with an accepted form of communication restricts the growth of ideas and language. … Continue reading Relevance of Writing and Creativity


Without a decent communication with morning Days start hurrying through expectations of life Ignored daylight wishes to get past heavy curtains Yearnings and enthusiasm remain same Hoping to get an audience from conscious beings Embraces change without lamenting Benevolence of light deflect in haphazard angles Little winged angels scurry towards the warmth Waiting for those unreal dreams to fade away Light of morn will be … Continue reading Hopeful

Of Consciousness

Aspirations for being a part of every scripted nonsense will not ensure a meaningful life. Every day, the vociferous dialogues discuss complicated problems by knowingly and unknowingly believing is the counterfeit utterances. Troubles persist and even aggravates when consciousness willingly becomes a slave of plentiful baloney.  Be conscious of yourself and realise the journey that you wish to experience, instead of comparing your life with others around you. … Continue reading Of Consciousness

World and Sphere

It’s a world within a world There are perceptions and reflections Mostly, deflected from myriad consciousness Crisscross of thoughts, suspended in reality Every little reality becomes an entire world Within spheres of own truth Waiting for clarity to perforate microscopic designs Allowing cosmic light to enlighten That little world to flourish with conscious reason When worlds will coalesce to birth another existence Continuity of thoughts … Continue reading World and Sphere

True Reason

It’s a constant struggle to remain calm Among myriad reflections that threaten to intrude The world so beautifully crafted  Glaring discrepancies initiate series of doubtful encounters Speculating on every possible theory that defines  Through prohibitive masks of sundry characters Increasingly jeopardising the delicate relationship  Inner sanctuary yearns to reconcile with true life Possibility dwindles when cradled by distorted reflections Time to focus and emerge with clarity Without … Continue reading True Reason


Rushing through time will not gift life with extra seconds Inconceivable turns take another route  Lacking in fluency, the mind cannot comprehend a rhythm Sense of dizziness sets in with continuous pirouetting   Unable to comprehend the corresponding reflections  There may be many parallels with alternative destinies Faithfully surrendering to the entirety of presence Perspectives become clear when there is harmony Brilliance of cosmic reflection can elucidate the … Continue reading Fluency