A crumpled heart wishes to soak in rejuvenating feelings Collect the potent nectar for nurturing each grain of precious life Resurrect from the abysses towards pinnacle of consciousness Life is positively intoxicating when every inch of being is blessed Fertile dreams will lead through illumined paths of eternity No more contemptuous visions of life through distorted perspectives Clarity and intense focus on well-being of every … Continue reading Perseverance


Illusions always feel cold and unreceptive Quite incompatible with the dreams and feelings That eagerly waits to taste pure light From first breath of consciousness remain neglected Here, the looming manifestation of heartless images Continuously toying with a perplexed mind Face tries to hide the confusion within contours of eyes Unfamiliar tongue speak in a labyrinth of jamboree Exaltations and gyrations of illusionary dreams The … Continue reading Illusions

Night’s Magic

Night is busy even before hours of darkness can compose quiet moments Hidden behind the horizon to explore mythical lands for beautiful dreams Seeds of hope and eternal love nurtured by eternity can rejuvenate slumberous soul Seeking soul wishes to communicate with the resonance of cosmic awareness  It is time to protect paradise from banality and reveal the hidden enriching image Nullify the haughty gestures … Continue reading Night’s Magic

Living Consciously

Expecting positive outcome from life by communicating with negative thoughts in mind regularly will not yield a healthy existence. There is a considerable increase in anxiety, depression, aggression, and unhealthy competition which prevents self-growth and alienates an individual from realising the true potential of life. Here, life in not a constricting definition of a body which has a mind. The mind is not the intellect or … Continue reading Living Consciously


Light is diverted towards the darkest places Gradually penetrating the stubborn layers that obfuscate life Hopeful souls feel the warmth after aeons of neglect and perpetual dampness Seeds of hope hibernating, laying low to mediate and change fate Transforming into the replica of omnipresent- quietude and simplicity prevail Simple cracks between stones part ways for light can filter through to deepest crevices Burning the gruelling … Continue reading Light


Watching the gracious ether is a fulfilling experience The physical world’s illusions are shattered by the Trident Soul awakens to the embrace of Oneness Rays of light visits the seeker to illumine the world forever Eternal bliss- blessed with mantra of auspicious Love Finally, the dome of Ego is shattered and freedom beckons Non-judgmental and without any expectations- it’s pure bliss Beyond this Self, the transcendent … Continue reading Auspicious

The Purpose

One has to toil with the spade in hand To remove the heaps of discontentment Plenty of landscapes have been disfigured Negligently throwing away hope and desire Compressed and suffocated Undulating journey falter the steps frequently Why leave behind woes? Seek happiness with a noble heart  Never shy away from simplicity Profound truths of life are robed in modesty Virtuous souls are incorruptible Eternity’s enduring mantra … Continue reading The Purpose

Letters to Literature

Powerful literature remains relevant at all times and walks around with pride to invite readers to engage with the ideas. It’s the passion of a writer, which is enough to lure away literary enthusiasts to debate vigorously and contribute to the pool of scholarly ideas. The entire experience is possible when a writer relies on creating an imagery that becomes almost haunting. A larger than … Continue reading Letters to Literature