Beautifully disguised arrogance, ultraist sentiments nestle deep Now, the true motive of faces sneak through numerous cracks Masks unable to carry on with the drama of life Inexperience and fear of change urges the heart to hide Intellectualism was influenced by numerous jargons Inept explanations cannot stretch imaginations further Laid bare, the disoriented mind rushes to seek some solace -Amitav Continue reading Disguised 

Ways of Life

There are contrived motions through Life Tired souls cannot strive anymore to reach the peak There’s dream to acquire anything Life has to offer Dreams being sold, for which we pay a high price Agitated state of Time enwraps the souls in shrapnel Every movement dents the Life with wounds Draining the energy of Life causing a lethargic reality Life, packaged as a merchandise, a costly … Continue reading Ways of Life

The Unsaid

The unsaid is often the truth Held so closely to the heart Mirrored through subtle gestures Listen to the unsaid Closely, with an intuitive mind Then what is said? Half-hearted attempt to convey The messages one wants to hear Not necessarily the truth Oft spoken to please With an ulterior motive Oratory and skillful obfuscation Wins over gullible heart Look closely- the body language Says much … Continue reading The Unsaid