Oddly Placed

Sometimes windows are miserably placed Distractions steal solitude; alarmingly, time escapes From the day that has been borrowed Looking at the stoic life flowing indolently Probably the time is such- restrained melancholy Tired consciousness has a vague explanation It is frightening to feel the dullness on a bright day There is so much discord in the reflections All that the window has to offer, unfortunately … Continue reading Oddly Placed


Smell of mundane hangs too low, rather heavy for the senses Their frivolousness plays too much with the emotions; there’s no reason though To accentuate their behaviour through loosely woven languages What’s with all the euphoria surrounding the incredulously divided territories Feet stuck in the region demarcated by the mundane philosophies Someone who observes cannot hide the doubt over the beliefs and propagations Try convincing the … Continue reading Mundane


Relinquish the languages Stay away from the translations Do not consider the various reasoning Logic that sprung enthusiastically From overworked minds, out of boredom Put away the cloak of usual life Mundane designs in brocade To make them appealing to the eyes Emulating the masses is exhausting Learning the exact ways to communicate Similar views never clash Meekly blend into the life’s cauldron Slowly brewing … Continue reading Relinquish