On an uneventful and dull day, the sky surprisingly looks benevolent Lights ethereal emerge from the cosmic benediction The hunger to know and portray the reality isn’t considered suspicious anymore Verses resonate with the voice of an eternal Muse to magnify the soul Of the reality beyond realities and falsehoods of woes and worries Another universe gives space to meditate on the glorious existence called life ~Amitav Continue reading Surprising

Desires of a Simple Soul

The simple soul desires to travel yonder When the first rays tickle the curtains and make then laugh An enigmatic color fills each pore of the fabrics Streaming through, the divine light, like happy flowing brook  Sparkling freshness bathes the unassuming soul Dreaming of a travel across the wilderness and beyond First light brings the message of hope and pave the path Caressing the nature’s … Continue reading Desires of a Simple Soul

Poet and the Blank Pages

A poet cannot bear To stare at the blank pages For eternity It’s like a mutual attraction Summons the poet every time To pour feelings of the heart The deepest secrets of the soul Muse seems to be generous Blessing you with inspiration The right words to portray Subtle feelings and desires The poet’s uneasiness is palpable Until the words have found meaning And expressions … Continue reading Poet and the Blank Pages