The Birds

The birds seem to have gathered innocuously One called the other, then in unison, then everyone responded They know how to create a rhythm Their wings have brought them here for a purpose Winds must have written some messages on them As scripts, they reveal the messages Their stare, sometimes unnerving They may be speculating over my curious expressions Probably, peering through my subliminal thoughts … Continue reading The Birds


Gazing at the ocean makes me feel small, even a little envious of the vastness Only listening to sounds is enough to make the sunset more mystical than I can imagine Waves are coy, luckily, the feet can feel the playfulness of the ocean’s soul How many worlds are contained in its unfathomable depths? The colossal upheavals may be due to the clash between such … Continue reading Gazing

With Hope

Impalpable feelings captivate the senses Somehow find their way to the heart Seized by a snare as they sneak in with every breath Eyes vision a seductive form of a silhouette Persuasive pretences embolden the obscure dreams Feverish air awakens the unaccustomed emotions Wilderness invites the eternal revelry as celebration Visions of mystical charms turn into reality Bewildered heart listens intently to the heart Miles away from … Continue reading With Hope

The Evening

Leaning towards an intriguing evening Somber moods of the day flailingly seek refuge Soft murmur of darkness is a pleasant surprise The heart is unburdened of undesirable anarchy Voices will be heard again with patience Parched life drinks from a mystical stream  Silver essence of the potion rejuvenates the soul Mind is eager to embrace the evening’s candour  From darkness appears a messiah of hope Pray thee … Continue reading The Evening

A Poet

Poetry emerges from the unknown world Rather forgotten due to the chaotic shifts Pushed away the lands of clear feelings To invite a world of ambiguities Maybe, called the feelings of metaphysical They exist and the poet finds credence  Poetry is like a mystical journey with feelings Conjures the spirit of life’s reality They still exist, but remain in anonymity Poet travels like a hermit to … Continue reading A Poet

Mystical Music

Mystical sound waves weave magic As I can visualize the transparent screen Composed of pure music Reflecting my subtle imaginations vividly Waves of universal symmetry Transitions each dream into a lucid space Music takes the Spirit to another world Nature reveals the hidden wonder This space is perfect haven to reminisce The sound waves lead me to a different realm Where harmony reflects from every facet© Continue reading Mystical Music