Sense of Unconscious Reality

The inability to mask the truth with credible lies can be exasperating and a sense of inadequacy creeps in. While natural light energises the senses, the surrounding discrepancies act as depressants. There are many solutions concocted through forceful human interventions; the ability to identify, split and alter the chemical nature of reality through regular dosages of experimental self-destruction. It does happen slowly, but the intensity … Continue reading Sense of Unconscious Reality

Meandering Ways

Happiness flowed when life was conceptualised   Simple existence blended ultimately in right proportion Before thoughts mutated into various uncontrollable entities Carrying some potent properties to weaken the immunity Exposing existence to the inclement world- unnatural lethargy Living became the alter-ego of existence  Frozen in an unknown world the ecosystem altered erratically The flow of life was interrupted with designed alterations In a state of trance, … Continue reading Meandering Ways

With Nature

Give nature a chance! For centuries, nature has been cradling and nurturing human civilizations. Civilizations have always lived off nature, be it- water, food, air, earth, vegetation, forests; we are always dependent on it. It never crosses our minds, that how long we can take nature for granted. Nature’s bounty is immense and future civilizations can also survive for many more centuries. Although we do … Continue reading With Nature