Inopportune Time

Inebriated times; difficult to match the stupor and whimsical behaviour As if, the ocean of time is disturbed by persistent effluence of negativity In abundance of such nature, purposelessness flows through murky channels Of woes, carved by greedy hands; satiating the monsters residing deep Ferocity of mobs spill over and arises the foulest of rebellion; distressing time Mutinous souls unable to exist and coexist as … Continue reading Inopportune Time

Essence Esoteric

Shadows aren’t soft today and more restless than the prancing winds There’s some strange aroma; some ancient magical spell could have escaped from the cracked phial Walk carefully, the steps seem wobbly and strewn glass can inflict deep pain Contradicting their nature, the voices sound heavier; some confusion and dizziness The air feels stifling and penetrates the being with an unusual message  Could it be … Continue reading Essence Esoteric


Mountains, the enormous vaults of nature Safekeeping the eternal legends from indiscriminate destruction Rogue particles of a world gone awry can rebel anytime Change is an inevitable truth, but mere consciousness cannot comprehend  An outrage is a reflection of the fear of the unknown  Seeking all possible ways to propitiate the umbrage against change This relationship is communicated in nature’s cryptic language One can reason … Continue reading Unfathomable

What the Farce

We cannot seek a safe abode when we are on a mission to destroy the invaluable relationship with nature. While there is much rhetoric about its well-being, there are those belligerent enough to call every such effort to be a drivel. Remember, the adults are troublemakers; disrupting and destroying not only nature but the fragile ecosystem of life. We are bullying and trolling nature and … Continue reading What the Farce

Studied Silence

Today it is a studied silence, not really sure of the sulking appearance at twilight hours Melancholy decided to be an accomplice to stir the already palpable restlessness Thoughts are like wolves loping on unsuspecting predators anticipating a feast Nature’s mechanisms seem to have rusted and thoughts have become obstinate cogs A workman has journeyed through the troubles and stumbled on the way home Here, … Continue reading Studied Silence


Do you lengthen the day as you grudgingly hold on to the torturous thoughts Although the day may have banished them long ago, the heart still wants to sort them out during nighttime Waiting for the luminous orb to shower some celestial light on the worldly problems Upon darkness’s arrival, the aura of this ever-expanding reality births a new beginning Lighten the heart and soul … Continue reading Fathom


Why write the epilogue at the beginning Even before the feelings can soar across the realm of freedom Distress, malady, delusions, and mistakes can be remedied Intensify the narrative, infuse them with worthy words Of healing and antidotes to the negativities Away from infernal delights, the night can have motherly instincts It’s up to the patrons to seek a transformation  Healing from the Divine care … Continue reading Purpose

Far Away from Here

Far away, there, look further, stretch your imaginations to the precipice of illusion Let the visions dance, of ecstasy and thrill of an unknown world beyond the haze Seems magical, the dithyrambic expressions from an unknown composition of a wandering poet Feels slippery, but the toes become extremely dextrous at the entrance of an exhilarating world The breeze brings some ethereal news to prepare the … Continue reading Far Away from Here

Drowsy Night

The night seems to be drowsier than an indolent world far away Some listless moments spiral in a mysterious way through the tapestry Moonlight cannot be goaded further to shine brighter during a furtive moment Feels liquid, it trickles away into an abyss as it seeks to join a secret river Cloak of extreme whiteness disguises a melancholic night to save it from curious eyes … Continue reading Drowsy Night