Where Words Go

So many words squandered away on triviality Many feelings of importance relegated to the edges Which find their way to the creepiest corners Of layers of suppression and inimical principles From there repulsive tales grow stronger Their roots claw the gigantic feet of a monster What Spring will bring no one can anticipate Forecasts of overcast moments are frequent While trading the desires of the … Continue reading Where Words Go

Unheard and Distant

It’s not those dreams that resemble, but the ones that are simply yours Struggle for your attention, while they tremble and mumble timidly Surrounded by the high decibel troubles that ensure anxious heartbeats At the centre of an arrhythmic life of falsehoods and disguised reasons Of unfounded principles, they become the behemoth that shadows conscience Tyrant dreams continue to busy life with worries, challenges, and … Continue reading Unheard and Distant

Indecent Influence

Upon whose influence do you import those ideas? Without even communing with the necessary voices Roam the streets; the ones deserted by fashionable ideas Where there is penury, but traces of honesty too Moist eyes know, the grubby hands won’t be filled with wealth Mornings are mourned amidst the hunger pangs In contrast, dumb streets are lit up with offensive affluence Lazy morning, rather luxurious … Continue reading Indecent Influence

Stiff Words

When the words are stiff, they feel discomforted by the offered space Missing nostalgia, also devoid of sentiments that wait outside forever Yearnings on their faces; the sighs mist the window, obscuring the weather Even the lucid understanding transforms into a cloudy apparition of thoughts Unnecessary gossips act like a sharp scissor eager to shred the feelings A stillness of life, wary of any more … Continue reading Stiff Words


What if the thorns were flowers once? Devoid of feelings and succulent dreams Withered reluctantly to guard the flowers What if our dreams experience same fate? A boundary of existence adorned with thorns Instead of guarding, they puncture aspirations Do thorns remind of turbulent times? The neglect or fate of dreary transformation What if dreams continue to be neglected? A ruthless desire to absorb all … Continue reading Thorns


List of forgotten essentials Faint images still murmur  Overshadowed by life Projections are a strategy Overlapping blurry feelings Disorganized conversations Incurable negative tongue Weak composition of words Languages of despair Impotent powers celebrated An agreement accepted Relegating the real self Holding the crumpled list Essentials are useless Ambitions soar  Dreams and perceptions Marketed with skill The virtue of conformity A resounding ‘Yes’ Approval with diligence Finding … Continue reading Essentials

Silent Eyes

Silent eyes narrate the day’s monotony Tries to stretch and squint and catch glimpses of activity Alas! The crowd is chanting a boring hum Carrying numerous flawed inferences to design a pattern Trying to articulate a ho-hum speech  Incessant babel cascade from mindless conversations Day is perturbed listening to anxious souls Contrived smiles are stretched beyond limits, almost a caricature Silent eyes stops gazing through … Continue reading Silent Eyes