To Another Year

Trying to dissolve the past moments in a chaotic time At the dwindling hour of another year that will be a memory Though it will be tough to place it amidst the bygone years Difficult chapters and an unbound manuscript written in muddled ink Another shelf hastily crafted from the decayed wood- sun hasn’t been kind Neither has poetry flowed generously from the subdued poet … Continue reading To Another Year

A Miracle

Ever new day is a miracle When the journey becomes tiring Night offers solace in its tranquility Darkness gives shelter to the body Life’s struggles should not make you an adversary of life Enjoy the night’s soiree and discard the worries Rest your head on the pillow of Faith Every new day is a miracle Seasons gifts the soul different experiences Pick up the lessons … Continue reading A Miracle

Mellifluous Morning

The silence of early morning is mellifluous Slowly stripped of the covers of darkness Unveiling a new day with hope in the heart Early riser greeted with an envelope of love Carrying the message for another day Listening to the silent oratory of the morning Explaining the tenets of a joyous life ahead The keen soul finds it easier to comprehend Morning preacher explains the … Continue reading Mellifluous Morning

The Morning Avatar

The silence of the early morning is mesmerizing Few birds chirping and fine-tuning their songs A morning shrouded in cloudiness and ethereal beauty As I walk into the morning air, it embraces me Joining the quiet morning’s meditation routine Nature’s children are in a transcendental fervor Yesterday’s karma is the only real asset Today’s presence is entirely revealed by my actions Morning veil of self-realization … Continue reading The Morning Avatar