To Another Year

Trying to dissolve the past moments in a chaotic time At the dwindling hour of another year that will be a memory Though it will be tough to place it amidst the bygone years Difficult chapters and an unbound manuscript written in muddled ink Another shelf hastily crafted from the decayed wood- sun hasn’t been kind Neither has poetry flowed generously from the subdued poet … Continue reading To Another Year

Change in the Horizon

Tonight, the stars will be bewildered by the celebrations Of change that we all seek passionately; drown the voices with noise Some of the events would be arranged, some forgotten Others scattered here and there, but the precious ones settled deep As the darkness is lit up by smiles, prayers, and lights There are those ripples of memories slowly playing with the mind For now, … Continue reading Change in the Horizon

Moments and Memories

Chaste mind reminisce fresh memories of twelve months Last two days before bidding adieu to some and carrying most of them along Echoes chant in the mind when hopes are birthed from new beginnings Translucent waves of thoughts drifts across the mind’s landscape Of winter days when nights become sharper, yet dreams of pastures green appear Wanting to touch the golden rays of hope snuggling … Continue reading Moments and Memories