Uncanny Night

Night peels off as the tumult’s incisiveness digs deeper into its skin The day was obsessed enough with mundane conflicts conspired by life Defeated, it cannot rest for a while before encroaching into the night Night’s folds of distress hide the bright stars today as peculiar silence befalls Whereon, the eyes can only comprehend the gloominess of its soul Whatever happened to the profoundness of … Continue reading Uncanny Night

Hopeful Night

Night crafted a fascinating piece of artwork Abstract ideas are illustrated in intricate detail Fine engravings etched out by the intense silver rays It is a clandestine retreat to deceive sleep Embellished with most exquisite nature’s artistry Soft grasses will provide the comfort of bed Wilderness is the mirror to reflect Divine light Spend time away from the time-worn feelings  Night’s brightest stars will restore the … Continue reading Hopeful Night

Light Takes a Brief Hiatus

Light takes a brief hiatus Darkness comes to life from hibernation Vision starts adjusting to the change Imposing firmament sets the tone Voice of darkness has an ethereal feel Intense ambience invites the soul When the Universe transforms to a grand avatar Brightness of the stars showers Divine grace It’s a different world here in paradise Draped in simplicity and ultimate passion Spirit dances to … Continue reading Light Takes a Brief Hiatus

Wander across the Sky

When the eyes wander across the sky Stars eager to narrate their story O’ night dweller, care to listen? Brightness of many Suns sparkle Peek into their heart, glowing with eternal flame Many skies, a seamless space visible at night Every star birthed has a divine brightness Open the mind to correspond with all Travel many galaxies, an interstellar experience Thy soul will plot the … Continue reading Wander across the Sky

Evening Beauty

The evening sky looks dreary An unexpected haze cloaks the view Have we knitted the cloak? With yarns of distorted perceptions A dull grey cover to obfuscate the brightness Why fault the stars? Burning eternally to sparkle in darkness Our feeble effort to understand reality Casts a shadow of gloom A cumulative error of the multitude Indistinct ideas have entwined with the fabric Why punish … Continue reading Evening Beauty

The Wonder of the Night

The night’s still young A lazy elegance in the air Drifting feelings from a solitary heart Brief stillness welcomes the silence Releasing the effervescent notes from heart Humming nonchalantly in a trance Night sky is eternally a source of wonder Many souls watching over our paradise The sparkling smiles light up the night’s canopy Night becomes more intriguing Solitary soul wants to gaze beyond the … Continue reading The Wonder of the Night

Without the Night

Without the night descending on Earth The world will lose its grandeur The glamour of the darkness Shimmers on the silent waters Each ripple unfolds the beauty Caressing the water’s edge with Love Reflecting the sickle-shaped Moon Cutting across the darkness with light The night holds secret contemplations For dreamers, poets, and wanderers The magic cloak of darkness reveals Myriad ideas in the guise of … Continue reading Without the Night