Wish To Be Invisible

That strong urge to be invisible and imagine that you are invincible, even if the darkness looks menacing Waiting to be transported to another realm, where time doesn’t flinch and I can find the magical door No one following my footsteps or even desiring to understand me; it’s a world of aberrant contradictions I decided to choose my path, another trajectory where time circumnavigates the … Continue reading Wish To Be Invisible

Impaled Silence

Fevered days with tired pace, tired shadows rests upon a spent world Rugged surfaces, sudden screeches, faltering promises, people grappling with misunderstood truths Common heretics follow the fallow ideas, whereas, the real thinkers are perturbed with adulterated silence Disgraced with volatile ideas, haven for compulsive liars, of snake oil sellers Silence skewered with raging criticisms, a time twisted and sinewy, ragged reasoning, unreasonable demands Of … Continue reading Impaled Silence

The Hum

Unfluctuating hum drowns most of the conflicting decibels Sparse narratives make a splash into the usual ripples Anguished ears pick up the waves, but seek unfettered sounds As the drama unfolds, there is an unexplainable silence Before deliverance from an unmeaningful communiqué An unknown sailor oars the narratives through safe channels Birds perched on the unreachable boughs monitor the change Probably, the keen eyes visions … Continue reading The Hum

Unusual Slumber

Curled up, the inexplicable curvature for the world to fathom Maybe praying in solitude and trying to embrace the indecipherable silence No scruples turning away from the moments that wish to hasten Libellers cry hoarse, ‘the insignificant lethargic one sits there idle’ Is it amoral to remain silent amidst the accusations? Or, allow the silence around to absorb the cacophony into oblivion Laziness is ridiculed, … Continue reading Unusual Slumber


Noise cancels each other, creating an incorrigible mess randomly Protests generate from presumptive theories More hubris spills over to blend with chaotic verbal challenges Voices resemble the agitated waves of briny flow of sentiments  Silence never had the chance to occupy the revered space of existence Chaotic scenes will be enacted by the compromised and crumbly thoughts There aren’t any remedies for the unnatural uprising … Continue reading Noise 

The Commotion and Consequences

Commotion! There are loud noises due to raised voices and the decibel level goes higher, clamoring to express vague feelings in a state of stupor. All the feelings carry a sense of vulnerability, are poured into a cauldron; boiling with rage and insipid from lack of consideration for other souls that dwell around. The cauldron will slowly corrode from the vitriolic sentiments and seep through … Continue reading The Commotion and Consequences