Uneasy Smile

An uneasy smile takes time to settle down on the lips Motionless life feels unpractised after experiencing the rush World broods; you have decided to part ways with it Picked solitude over the incessant talks of everyone else There seems to be a palpitation in the air about the next step Nothing can define idleness in the midst of a twist It is important to … Continue reading Uneasy Smile

Some Surprises

Surprises of being lost when not pestered by the acrimonious thoughts So many feelings come floating towards the euphoric emptiness Indifferent to the rising and setting sun, the days just lose their identity Pendulum times freely sways between the souls stirring and cosmic light Waves cannot be contained in the midst of a vast expanse of nothingness Inimical thoughts drown willingly and find a new … Continue reading Some Surprises