The Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing Yet, there was everything that celestial hands could create From nothingness, arrives reality  Imperceptible to the worldly eyes, much of what this reality isn’t Particles dance at the behest of cosmic eyes Eternal energy flares across may universes Cosmic portals protected by the Trident Awake the soul from slumber induced by false perceptions It’s always now or nothing ~Amitav Continue reading The Beginning

Not Yesterday but Today

You can see yesterday’s dawn in some photograph or in someone’s tales There is no way of holding on to it after day is over and rolls over to another time Through darkness, transforming into another day is a miracle of universe That dawn was important but there’s no point reminiscing the entire day Dwelling in today for that few moment to decide on the … Continue reading Not Yesterday but Today

Nothing Endures

Attempting to visit obscure time Rewinding the thoughts in a convoluted design It’s a feeling inspired from eternity Going back may divulge the missed moments Undesirable then and lack of inclination To comprehend or paucity of intellect When that moment is lost  Now won’t be relevant to the past Knotted in time and displayed in universe None can breathe life in retrospect Chastising now is … Continue reading Nothing Endures

If not Now

You are not thankful now In retrospect- time travelling in earnest Future coalesces and the tautness of being pulled backwards It’s a fate of empty promises and unhindered apathy Incessant words overflowing to drown and obliterate reason When now is not beautiful, the pull is excruciating Every dawn listens to the ungrateful speeches  Beauty of being shape shifts with demonic intensity Touch becomes a curse … Continue reading If not Now