How many Suns do we need to pull us out of numbing darkness Coldness of souls cut through life many times Unseen lacerations expose the emotions to harsh weather Prolonged nonchalance reflect the ubiquitous unsteadiness of minds Ghosts of shadowy world pull the lines of fate Across convoluted ways; erasing the verdant shades of life Shivering brains suffer from obscure apathy Flocking with infirm steps; … Continue reading Eventually

For Life

We have the vocabulary to eulogize life A proof of our minds reaching an exalted state Life becomes the magnificent theme to narrate Construct a grand stage to showcase a magnum opus Entrusting every protagonist, an elevated role to enact Every facet of life carefully reflected in eloquent dialogues Monologues express the inner desires and aspirations Yet, we choose to live life contrary to the desired … Continue reading For Life

Slippery Fortunes

Don’t blame the slippery fortunes Where dreams slew away to obscurity All the conscious efforts to manipulate Taking the sheen away from the conscious mind Luring away the heart towards an askew path Throwing away the wealth of life in bogs Struggling with the disparaging reality Life slips away, mocking at the entire fiasco Sauntering away from the days of innocence and truth A lost … Continue reading Slippery Fortunes

Through the Labyrinth

Through the labyrinth Of interconnectedness Flowing through The arterial branches Across the sea Of turbulence Trying to find semblance To corroborate The individual presence Attached to the core Life beats with rhythm It takes time To maneuver through The depths of obscurity Toward oblivion An unknown maze Mind knows all An old soul Looking to adapt To the new light New horizons Await the braveheart … Continue reading Through the Labyrinth