How It Proceeds

Days do not breathe anymore Swaying with gloomy feelings Shaping the mood of humanity Piteously watching the changes Once, beauty was promised Now, only the offensive screams Emanating from the sullied spaces Fewer communications these days Rushing towards delusional dreams Scoffing at the idea of patience As much feeble consciousness feels Unfairly the days have been treated Punished for the unworthy dalliance Raconteurs have been … Continue reading How It Proceeds

Without the Words

When the words fall off from the mind Only neglect, and heaped with offensive unrest Reverberations of an antithetical tone Hunger of the soul becomes stronger There is no chance of filling the void Underestimating before understanding There is a hurried mindset that races unsafely Critical, clinical, cynical, and controversial A compromise too fatal; one unable to fathom Entire being sobs acerbic tears  Confidence, a … Continue reading Without the Words


You may not always see the trap Sometimes, you may feel something’s amiss Words have been arranged to ensnare Beautifully crafted- fancy and clever trap There are strainers too, clogged and smelly Words’ stench and stuck forever Some new one will be poured through Again, it’s a network of sifters What pours through is a pungent liquid Smells abominable with repugnant ideas Words caught in … Continue reading Trap

Mysterious Scenes

Don’t flatter yourself much Even the mirror would want to relinquish its power to reflect the truth It wishes not to be scarred by the crisscross remarks, incisively self-aggrandizing barrage  Even cursing the mirror if it fails to reflect the desired narrative  Condescendingly controlling the inflated pride Caring not to smudge the frail edges of the images that are coloured offensively One may not read … Continue reading Mysterious Scenes


Even the earth has to cry foul  Indignations persistent and careless plunder Human transgressions cultivated Hoping for a yield of grand power Foolish squabbles and squalid languages Duplicity doubles the trauma Complain, complain, complain Feelings of helplessness and rage Look in the mirror, reflecting vile character Grubby hands grab morsels of distress Infuriates the lingering hunger Insatiable urge to outrage the flow of life ~Amitav Continue reading Foul


The inflated vessel loses sight of the shore Frolicking with the waves; Petulant dance guided by the malefic stars Night descends on the serpentine cadence Defiant sky reverberates with diabolic chants Revealing the secrets of treacherous destination A raging horizon spews thunderbolt warnings Burdened with worldly jewels by gouging insatiably This undulating journey of delirium Through liquid labyrinth, guided by blurring planets There’s no strength to anchor itself … Continue reading Misfortune