Yelling Darkness

Silhouettes dissolve into the sobbing darkness An unusual wicked shadow blankets the consciousness Wailings of broken promises resonate within the walls Graceless words decorated across the harsh lines Divides life into many areas of insincere dwellings Stunned reflections from freshly shattered mirrors Bleeds the dreams but the night curdles ominously ~Amitav Continue reading Yelling Darkness

The Birds

The birds seem to have gathered innocuously One called the other, then in unison, then everyone responded They know how to create a rhythm Their wings have brought them here for a purpose Winds must have written some messages on them As scripts, they reveal the messages Their stare, sometimes unnerving They may be speculating over my curious expressions Probably, peering through my subliminal thoughts … Continue reading The Birds

An Opening

The window veiled in dextrously woven views of a busy world Looks inert, the eyes search frantically for some movement beyond busyness City life’s inability to offer fresh blooming flowers; nature comes at a price This space viewed from the opposite dimension of tired city eyes look dreary Sunlight here diluted and diverted through numerous cunning passages The winged visitors are an omen of freedom, … Continue reading An Opening

Nothing Unknown

Listen carefully, and nothing shall be unknown anymore Eyes will realise the pristine colours of vibrant souls Kindred feelings narrated in true spirit of cosmic beliefs Without any scope to bemoan the faulty perceptions Mighty thoughts will displace weaknesses from minds When firmament shines in approval of grand coronation Heavens approve the birth of new era of conscious life New Age established in the midst … Continue reading Nothing Unknown