Minute observations are forgotten A microcosm blossomed prematurely Prodded by the hastened time- contraclockwise Somewhere this reality recoils Another dimension of freedom Contrary; awakened after cosmic thoughts The omnipresent eyes Observe the progress of a dream ~Amitav Continue reading Omniscient

The Soul

None shapes the human soul but eternity’s motherly love Celestial imaginations untouched by worldly imitations Eyes open to celebrate the birth of life’s omniscient consciousness In the womb of silence, soul awaken to the hymn of life Purest communication of life’s emergence from karmic reality From celestial realm to a more human one is wisdom divine ~Amitav Continue reading The Soul


Why insist on a path, when there are none? Existing ones are going to be erased or diverted anyway The chimera will be blown away by favourable winds Spirit matters and a willing heart to find your way When the mind knows how to interpret omniscient stories A strong friendship with life defeats fiends Not to be frightened by horrifying dreams at night Allow the traveler to harvest … Continue reading Effortless

Loose Ends

Holding on to the loose ends; carefully separated by the fingers Careful to not let them surrender in a constricting knot Mysteries from mysteries, each strand holds fine consciousness Requires skill to harmonise them with profound brain waves Emanating from the omnipresent womb of cosmic stirrings Holding them, to guide through eternal labyrinths to unravel truth They look identical, yet, differ in character with unique … Continue reading Loose Ends

Being Awake

Silhouettes walk past the overcrowded mind Trying frantically to communicate at similar wavelengths Disruptions are real, powerful interference persist Measured words stifle language of the heart Only decorative tongues try to socialise with this world Carriers of such burden burdens the posture Journeying through unreal reality with inadequate reason Sun’s rays have become critical of unillumined thoughts Introspection can be therapeutical for unsettled sentiments Omniscience … Continue reading Being Awake

Of Feelings

Feelings conceive consciousness Swift subtle motion encircles essence of life Somewhere destiny is planned Carrying memories of bygone eras Origin of new beginning and continuity Omniscient one decides the fate To channelise the birth; lineage proceeds Deeds are taken into account From first till the last breath of existence Spirit is bestowed with tasks To complete the lifecycle From the womb to the deathbed Every breath is counted Actions … Continue reading Of Feelings

Silent Translations

Cosmic reflections nurtured in the womb of an orb Destiny flows with the purpose of eternity’s wishes An unseen harmonic labyrinth forms concentric rings Fate seems motionless but transforms life every moment Seek in any direction through seamless mindfulness Only the omnipresent consciousness has a rationale Entire design is supreme and reflected across cosmos Nebulous intellect cannot go beyond closed craniums Deceptions of ideologies proves to … Continue reading Silent Translations

Infinite Dreams

You cannot stay for long if you are not perceptive Difficult to swim through the transient tapestry There will be moments when the soul slips away Could be swept away by strong currents of lasciviousness Foresight helps the feet to be grounded in nothingness There is the eternal void a strong soul can survive Composition of life with the granular consciousness Rough edges are calmed … Continue reading Infinite Dreams


Thoughts transcend time for a glimpse of the future Somewhere in the vicinity, yet, mere consciousness is unaware There are supercharged thoughts ready to advance light Thoughts are mirrors, look carefully, images of nearing events Visible traits of the past, although blurry, embedded in every particle Swift changes overlooked by the ubiquitous arrogant theories Inferences have been restricted by the unevolved cells Still, immature narratives are … Continue reading Thoughts

Moving Ahead

Finding the lost trails of immaculate life Wandering through the realms of unknown Sprightly dust particles speak to the wind Revealing the paths that were forgotten Moving ahead with conviction Relinquishing the unnecessary dialogues Saving the words to narrate pure feelings Keen traveller does not follow usual routes Freedom from illusions and conspiracies Profound narrations of soul guides Clarity chisels away the obstructive design Unveiling … Continue reading Moving Ahead