Life Lesson

You only require extensive ‘Branding’ when you want to sell something and popularise the same. A lot of media attention and bandwidth is dedicated to disseminate unhealthy and regressive ideologies. It is evident, that respect for each other in society is diminishing, causing more friction, frequently resulting in conflagrations. Life does not need ‘Labels’ and as it is not a commodity or a corporate idea, so … Continue reading Life Lesson

Opinions and Discussions

The ability to engage in an evolved and intellectual dissent is rare. We all have opinions to express as they emerge from consciousness, perceptions, and acquired information from different sources (books, media, communication with others, personal experience, etc). Although individuals from different walks of life give the impression, or, would like us to believe that they have the ability to listen to contrary opinions, it’s seldom … Continue reading Opinions and Discussions

Opinions & Aspirations

The whole world is heralded to the future, based on mankind’s dreams and aspirations. You dream to build a foundation on which to construct the present and create a safe abode for the future. You have the ability to think and nurture a multitude of ideas. Your mind is a super-highway where ideas, information, and thoughts are always crossing each other or running at a … Continue reading Opinions & Aspirations

Philosophical Ramblings~1

Trust in your dreams and ideas. They may sometimes seem outrageous, but they are still yours.  When you derive something, from which has already been stated, written, spoken, or part of folklore, hearsay, planted theories, hypotheses, then it’s time to ponder whether you are not distilling all these into your thoughts and rather than being an original thought, it becomes a sediment of all of … Continue reading Philosophical Ramblings~1