Lost Moments

Sometimes you forget too easily… it can be an inevitable circumstance Losing track of all the necessary feelings; some sinister magical spell, maybe There are other urgent thoughts to attend to, even if they are ordinary Rare occasions when the sky is tinged with blood orange hues… it’s another sign Of approaching darkness, without the ostentatious display of emotions Quiet changes are misunderstood- it is … Continue reading Lost Moments

Uncertain Affability

Unhealthy bonhomie arises from depths of paranoia Unexpected changes stir the stale ideologies  In a cauldron, settled for too long, with brackish taste of woes One who holds the friendly fire to evaporate them Is perceived to be an uninvited nemesis Psyche shrouded in mediocrity spells every thought erroneously Narrations from the devil’s book sounds alluring Promising thrills and ecstatic incentives to gyrate the mind … Continue reading Uncertain Affability

The Pleasures of Life

“All pleasure is not pleasurable”, the eyes spoke a different language. A disparity between the dialogues within and facial expressions are pronounced. The heart takes a brief pause for a reason; although, not everyone is aware of this occurrence. It seeks a masterpiece composed by the eternal consciousness and a life embellished with true feelings. With patience, the eyes seek to adjust and sharpen the … Continue reading The Pleasures of Life

On Bores

The overenthusiastic bores are a curious case for examination. They almost always start their conversation with, “you know, I could have done this way better…”. Given any situation or in the midst of a gathering, they cannot resist the urge to bask in the limelight. Having worked in corporate set-ups, these curious cases can be found in sufficient numbers. Mostly given the title of ‘habitual shirkers’, … Continue reading On Bores