All That Happens

Determined delusion drape destiny… damp dreary deadpan reality Words warble, warning waves wearily- whipping, wrestling, wrath Across ages, apparitions appear appallingly; apocalyptic afflictions Truth travels tantalizingly through themes thwarted- taunting time Cantankerous caricatures capitulate- citing charlatans’ credibility ~Amitav Continue reading All That Happens

How Long? Enough to Think

How long can you slouch over the morning and try to repress the lights Sitting erect may become an arduous task due to the immense burden Of the unseen worries, the imagined times of turmoil, and scant hope Dreams that were seeded never had enough opportunity to germinate Feels, like the flickering horizon, is trying to communicate frantically There’s never enough room for the contradictory … Continue reading How Long? Enough to Think

Wait, the World Awakes

Don’t spoil the fine weather with leaden thoughts When you seek tomorrow with much hope for another opportunity Nurture the seedlings with your tears; let them flow, for it is of happiness Even the stars shine brighter and sprinkle some celestial enthusiasm Wait for dawn, they will face the sun gleefully; see their ecstatic movements As dreams become reality, through the magical moment of fresh … Continue reading Wait, the World Awakes


When intuitions aren’t sharpened like an arrow The nock isn’t calibrated to find it’s way through inclement frequencies Eyes quiver; an ominous sign of a false stance  Slouched posture and diminishing enthusiasm decelerates the heart Without the beats of life being sound and bold Chances are that the hiatus for the intuitions are prolonged  A recess of restlessness and fidgeting with the sharp edges of life … Continue reading Intuitions

A Landscape

Do not drag insensitivities along the beautiful landscape When stars are breathing laboriously in times of imminent conclusion A life will surrender to eternity, only to be awakened with new consciousness Through the sieve of cosmic reasoning, dreams will sprinkle their seeds Eternal Aurora wipes away a persistent darkness to reveal a beatific face Rays are infallible and chronicle a fate that will be celebrated … Continue reading A Landscape

At a Table

A posture that ignores a constant knock on the door Turning away stubbornly and not to look back again; not even in repentance The hands are burdened with collected memorabilia Wooden table looks forlorn, a frozen quadrupedal looks dumbfounded No more coffee stains and endless gossips about the rations Now, space will be occupied with reclusive stirring of emotions Window will stare at the half-eaten … Continue reading At a Table

Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

Thoughts are the building block of society. ~ Amitav There has always been a callous attitude towards philosophical discourse and critical analysis of life. Due to ambivalence towards such knowledge they have always been either looked at with disdain or overlooked with a passive aggressive behaviour. Philosophical discussions are considered mundane while weak residual knowledge is encouraged. Highlighting the weaknesses and challenging prejudices has always … Continue reading Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

A Miracle

Ever new day is a miracle When the journey becomes tiring Night offers solace in its tranquility Darkness gives shelter to the body Life’s struggles should not make you an adversary of life Enjoy the night’s soiree and discard the worries Rest your head on the pillow of Faith Every new day is a miracle Seasons gifts the soul different experiences Pick up the lessons … Continue reading A Miracle