Against Time

I know I can’t win by racing against time It cannot be usual to suppress the morning Carry someone else’s dreams on my shoulders Walk around for a purposeless errand Think consciously about unconscious impulses And run the course like a lunatic trying to subdue time All the dreams capsize; the waves are rogue Why should death be turmoil? Living considered a struggle against an … Continue reading Against Time

Burden of Surprises

Smothering the surprises and waiting for the stars to dim Making the night different and preparing to hide from the lovely dreams Snatched away and retired to an indiscriminate world Impermanent time embedded in the soul to transform it permanently So resilient! The altered reality is happy to suppress the emotions It’s a vigorous labour to carry the megalithic burdens on frail shoulders Waiting for … Continue reading Burden of Surprises


Silence chained to the noises  Oppressive voices probe the silent one Worms of rage suck away life’s forces Wishing to deconstruct the mind Comprehend consciousness With every possible instrument Enslave the thoughts forever Invade privacy in a mechanised manner Delving deeper into history Fashion the draconian ways Finally, the worms will die Preyed upon by time Men will war about the end Silence violated  Humanity … Continue reading Oppressive