Stopped Clocks

The creaks from the cracks, cacophony of creatures of darkness Probably, devouring something after luring them with the seductive light Here, stopped clocks devour time, and silence’s gluttony is quite alarming Pleasures of pain, of human ordeals; grouchy pages consume emotions Words without meanings strung in an alluring way to fashion nakedness Vacuously blithesome, there’s revelry and partying of the wildest nature Stoic clock watches … Continue reading Stopped Clocks


Hushed minds obsess over some trivialities; discouraging frigidness feels morose Picking up the impure particles to connect the dots and form a grainy picture Hands glued to the frames as if some magical adhesive is used to enslave them Disturbed sleep in hostile beds contort the body into some disconcerting shapes There’s not enough spine left to stand upright while walking around the chaotic kingdom … Continue reading Disorder


What if the thorns were flowers once? Devoid of feelings and succulent dreams Withered reluctantly to guard the flowers What if our dreams experience same fate? A boundary of existence adorned with thorns Instead of guarding, they puncture aspirations Do thorns remind of turbulent times? The neglect or fate of dreary transformation What if dreams continue to be neglected? A ruthless desire to absorb all … Continue reading Thorns


Wounded leaves and lamenting forests Woeful, the sap flows through a course of distress Who has carried this unjustified destruction? Man running away from shadow is a phantasm Whether it is day or night, mind runs with demonic spirit Dreaming of solace and unhindered passage? There is no path to return across bridge of crushed souls Reminder for the hastening one Seductive apparitions conspire to … Continue reading Vengeance


Amidst widening dreams, there are shrinking landscapes Viewless euphoria to camouflage the prevailing emotions Whispering heart unable to decipher the heartless transformations In the meantime, the wind is crowded with uncontrollable fear Mankind’s folly or a fate unraveled by constant indignation Whispers escape through the gaps and unheard for ages Unceremonious freedom thrust upon an unassuming journey Favoured greed push aside life for the love of … Continue reading Unwishful

Without Freedom

Birthed are copious narratives of the tempestuous world  Thunders incessantly to create deep fissures around Keeps awake the fear in so many houses where Spirits curled Dreams are trampled in their nascent stage lay bare the wound Distressed echoes travel to the darkest corners of netherworld Weakening sunlight unable to defeat the persistent gloominess Morning pallor transforms life as incessant tirades are hurled Tottering steps and … Continue reading Without Freedom

Invisible Chasm

Muffled cries resonate through the hollow feelings Difficult to separate being from such predicament The inability to translate them due to lack of a language Create a tormenting vortex in the subliminal world Rushes mind towards the clutches of uncertainty Sky changes colour when impulsive feelings gather Unbearable humidity grips the landscape Drenches the curled body with those drifting emotions Depleted heart carries the burden … Continue reading Invisible Chasm

Uncovered Past

The desire to uncover the past One who wishes to walk back amidst the layers of dust Provoke the lungs to create a tempest Clear away the stubborn and false narratives Each speck colluded with the plan to deceive Wish to pick up the brittle relics Touch the truth in retrospect Once recalcitrant heart tarnished the glorious truth Seeking punishment from the inanimate antiques Doors … Continue reading Uncovered Past

The Feelings

When words are crafted as bayonets Feelings become martyrs  Muffled voices do narrate the pain But steely hearts rejoice hurting the Spirit Arousing the dreadful moments, and Entertained by the savage scenes Death is the only future we are aware of Vain is the glorified pain Fate will be crafted from tearful moments The convulsive moments predict a fate For the oppressors of feelings Time … Continue reading The Feelings