The Demands

If not join hands in reverence, then, does the raised voice demand Instead of greeting the fortunes that were inherited, they are plundered Slips off the slopes of ignorance into a greedy abyss Unprepared, unthoughtful, unrefined- the coarse thoughts make it impossible To exist along the tenets of existence; now, speak of broken promises The canopy of falsehoods was never meant to nurture sanctified thoughts … Continue reading The Demands

Of Imaginations

Often, the beautiful imaginations are erased by mournful emotions Even before their chances of standing up, they have to crumble and dissipate Distress footfalls leave marks on the mind as they march towards the untouched territories Tremulous soul can do little to alert the subjugated mind to wake up from this tyranny Trying to move towards the windows and doors, only to find them nailed … Continue reading Of Imaginations

The Obscure Darkness

Some opulence is domineering and unjustly seeks contribution from voiceless chaps. It’s a perfidious plan, but how many eyes can really afford to brazenly read those eyes. The innocence of humanity has been exploited to be the serf, to carry the narrative on their shoulders. These desires have been blessed by the unseen forces of venomous darkness. Accumulated fortunes rarely enjoyed or celebrated with a … Continue reading The Obscure Darkness