Shadows Unknown

Following the shadows of unknown forces  Temptress impresses with an alluring gaze Chase, the traces of some provocative dream Desolate path, but a nonchalant heart walks Towards the sentried gates of pandemonium Woken up by the cunning gestures Turning away from paradisical reality Even an oath was taken in haste Chaste senses were charmed by shadows Spirit of this Earth never speaks of them In … Continue reading Shadows Unknown

Curious Complication

A curious man’s complicated mixture of emotions stare from the fragile apparatus Strange dyes of the confabulated world mix like an enigmatic solution Intermingle in a serpentine manner, as if the desires of the man is aroused by some ogre’s charm The rancorous smell emanating from it fills the dingy room like a ravenous demon This may not be enough; if the soul and flowing … Continue reading Curious Complication


Countenance of the Universe has a grim expression Wondering, if it was a fault to create a benevolent nature Faultless and mute whenever there have been indiscretions Patiently receiving the ghastly blows of immature bravado Conspiracies of the wayward minds write another destiny Planning a contrary course for the volatile thoughts to choose A reverie that has birthed a lifelong pandemonium Questionable ideologies have always breached consciousness … Continue reading Expression