The Hues

The colours may have been misinterpreted Their expressions replicated without a soul Whatever it thinks of being the radiant faces One who chose the colourings before dawn Night has different hues to be painted with True masterpieces and extremely kind Brushes benevolently applying the colours Caresses of an artistic kind across the canvas Bouquets of offerings and celebrations Open your eyes and view an engrossed … Continue reading The Hues

In a Journey

A heart consolidates various stories from imaginary wanderings Just above the worldly; distracted and strewn valuables require trustworthy spaces Delicately walking through nothingness before invoking celestial guidance There’s no worry of sinking in the buoyant environment Frenetic heart communicates with the soul in language of clarity This Paradise is just one of the facets of the unrealised completeness Smear the divine vermillion to purify a tired body … Continue reading In a Journey


Earth contains the oceans and fathomless depths are never understood This crucible of life still holds the intriguing nature of lifecycles One drop is a reflection of eternal secrets Cosmic secrets thrive; protected by the immense waves  Such varied facets of Earth incomprehensible by human consciousness Reflections cannot be woven together to create a credible scene Beauty is enhanced in individuality Each sense in unique, … Continue reading Unknown

Mystical Dark

Naked water is draped in shimmering eventide Reverie will recede in the background of magical land Frills and fascinating ripples embellish the patterns Soul is stripped off the unnecessary disguise Retina wakes up with ultra sensitive display of iridescence Birth of ultimate rejoice on the heart pushes the boundaries Eager soul wishes to take a plunge deeper in peace Rising from the water after an … Continue reading Mystical Dark

Morning Tale

Soul leans towards the morning embrace A haven becomes a reality, divine plan of light Golden roofs reflect scintillating aura of life Heart’s door is open to welcome cosmic blessings Boughs nod in appreciation at this wondrous display There is a glint in the eyes that inspires dreams Bridging the gap between paradise and cosmic world Gardens blossom, a gift of tranquil aroma Darkness slips through … Continue reading Morning Tale

Of Paradise

Why treat Earth as an alien land? Our darkest thoughts stifle the benevolent nature Without examining ourselves, incomprehensible we follow Efflux of negativity adulterates the source of Life Our vision tinted and askew fails to visualize its Soul Thoughts shrouded in perpetual doubt manifests purposelessness We never realize that happiness, a feeling, went adrift for long How do we dream of creating a humane goodwill? Not … Continue reading Of Paradise